Subchapter I. General Provisions.


in this chapter...

(1) "Judge Advocate General" means the Judge Advocate General of Starfleet.

(2) The Navy, the Marine Corps designated as such by appropriate authority.

(3) "Officer in Charge" means a member of Starfleet designated as such by appropriate authority.

(4) "Superior commissioned officer" means a commissioned officer superior in rank of command.

(5) "Cadet" means a cadet of Starfleet Academy.

(6) "Midshipman" means a midshipman of Starfleet Academy and any other midshipman on active duty in Starfleet service.

(7) "Military" refers to any or all of the armed forces.

(8) "Accuser" means a person who signs and swears to charges, any person who directs that charges nominally be signed and sworn to by another person who has an interest other than an official interest in the prosecution of the accused.

(9) "Military Judge" means an official of a general or special court-martial detailed in accordance with section 826 of this title (article 26).

(10) "Law specialist" means a commissioned officer designated for special duty (law).

(11) "Legal officer" means any commissioned officer of Starfleet designated to perform legal duties for a command.

(12) "Judge Advocate" means--
        (A) an officer of the Judge Advocate General's Corp of Starfleet;
        (B) an officer of Starfleet who is designated as a judge advocate; or
        (C) an officer of Starfleet who is designated as a law specialist.

(13) "Record", when used in connection with the proceedings of a court-martial means--
       (A) an official written transcript, written summary, or other writing relating to the proceedings: or
       (B) an official recorded data-chip, depicting the proceedings may be reproduced.

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