Unlike other sims in Spartan Fleet, the Judge Advocate General's Corps is not a PBeM/Yahoo! Groups sim... we are the legal branch of Spartan Fleet charged with upholding and defending the Starfleet Code of Military Justice (SCMJ), and our members are chosen from the ranks of Spartan Fleet and through an application process. Each JAG member must be a member of Spartan Fleet (or one of it's current sims).

The Judge Advocate General's Corps. assists and advises on external matters to the C-in-C, and serves as the Fleet's prosecutor in external fleet matters, consudcts investigations and trials when neccessary, and archives all case information and a public blacklist of people permanently banned or people who have caused trouble (on both the Spartan Fleet sim as well as from other sims associated with Spartan Fleet), on the JAG website.

The JAG also keeps a classified list of members or people who are on probation for causing minor problems with the Fleet.

The JAG Corps also reviews all 'Permission Of Usage' applications and advises the C-in-C on them, and makes sure that all acknowledgements are given in their proper form as intended by their owner.

The Judge Advocate General's Corps. is located in Falls Church, Va., Earth, and has field offices located universally and on every major starbase and starship operating under the guises of Spartan Fleet.

The current commanding officer of the Judge Advocate General's Corps (and the Justice Council) is Admiral C.V. Gordon, JAG.
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