The Office of the Judge Advocate General enforces all administrative law within the ranks of Starfleet. The Judge Advocate General carries out investigations of wrong-doing by Starfleet officers and convenes court martialís when necessary. Although the Judge Advocate General itself is headquartered at Starfleet Command in Falls Church, VA., Earth, the Judge Advocate General maintains offices on all major starbases. Any incident requiring the intervention of the Judge Advocate General is referred to the nearest local office, though extremely important cases or those involving high-ranking officers are often pulled back to Starfleet Command for JAGís personal attention.

In addition to upholding the Starfleet Code Of Military Justice (S.C.M.J.), the Judge Advocate General investigates and prosecutes cases involving violations of Starfleetís General Orders, the Constitution of the United Federation of Planets, and the laws of Federation member worlds. The Judge Advocate Generalís office has jurisdiction over any member of Starfleet accused of wrong-doing, even if the violation occured under local law. Normally, on a member planet, local authorities remand the accused officer to Starfleetís custody, and the officer is tried under the Starfleet Code Of Military Justice. On a non-alligned planet, however, this is largely a question of custody; once in an alien jail, it is within the planetís rights to try the accused. Starfleet, however, works hard to convince the planetís government to surrender the accused for courts-martial proceedings. This isnít always successful, and more than one officer has faced trial on an alien world, under unfamiliar (and sometimes poorly understood) laws. Often, in the case of laws broken on a non-member world, the JAG office will invite a representative of the local government to observe, or even present evidence.

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After many years of dedicated service to the Judge Advocate General's Corps., Ensign Jennifer Maple has been promoted to Lieutenant. Lt. Maple has been with the JAG Corps. since she was a PO1 (shortly after graduating from the academy). Her first tour of duty with JAG was serving on-board the U.S.S. Von Braun as the Aide to Commander Thomas Elliott.

She was promoted to Ensign after her arrival back on Earth to serve in JAG Headquarters as the Head Legalman for Division 'A'. Lieutenant Maple also is the recipient of the JAG Service Award for her continuous and dedicated support of the Judge Advocate General's Corp.

Lieutenant Jennifer Maple
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U.S.S. Chegwidden
The Department of the Judge Advocate General congradulates the following recipients of the JAG Service Medal:
Lieutenant Sarah Coates
Lieutenant Commander Sarah Coates: For her dedicated support to the JAG Corps. Lt. Coates has served the Judge Advocate General's Corp. for the last 6 years. She is currently stationed on the JAG Runabout U.S.S. Chegwidden as it's commanding officer.
Lieutenant Jennifer Maple
Lieutenant Jennifer Maple: Lt. Maple is the most travelled member of the Judge Advocate General's office. She served not only in the Alpha Quadrant, but she also sever aboard ships patrolling the outer-edges of the Gamma Quadrant.

Lieutenant Maple is currently serving as Admiral Gordon's Legalman.

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